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Proofreading and copy-editing for academics

If you are a non-native English speaker, then ensuring that your academic papers are proofread/copy-edited before submission for publication is a must. Academics whose first language is not English often translate literally. Consider the following phrase found in a recent work that was proofread/copy-edited:

‘Opaque to the general public’

Edited into correct English, this was changed to:

‘Unseen by the general public’

We specialise in proofreading/copy-editing in the social sciences for non-native English speaking academics and have experience of working with academics at Durham University, the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. We have particular experience in editing multi-author volumes, particularly in their pre-submission editing. Ensuring consistency and accuracy of a long and diverse manuscript before submission to the publisher will greatly facilitate its progress through the publication process.

Recent examples of work undertaken

  • 'Nation as a category of knowledge/action in the making of European geographies' (journal paper)

  • 'From self-tracking to smart urban infrastructures: towards an interdisciplinary research agenda on Big Data' (journal paper)

  • 'The highest ski slope glacier in the world has melted: A case study on climate change adaptation of the tourism sector in the Bolivian Andes' (journal paper)

  • Raum-Weltbild-Kontrolle (book review)

  • Power and space in the drone age (conference flyer)

  • 'Exploring the patterns and environmental drivers of rural out-migration in the Bolivian Andes' (journal paper)

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