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Proofreading and copy-editing for students

Having worked on your dissertation/thesis for a long time you have probably ceased to spot your own mistakes. If you are a native English speaker consider seriously having your manuscript proofread/copy-edited to ensure correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, and the removal of typographical errors.

For non-native English speakers, it is even more important to engage the services of a proofreader/copy-editor not only to check for errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation, but for style, consistency, language choice and idiomatic usage as well.

Remember that your dissertation/thesis is the culmination of a number of years of study, so add that professional finish to increase your chances of success. Quite often a PhD student will successfully defend their thesis ‘subject to minor corrections’, some of these being spelling and typographical errors. Eliminating these errors altogether should be the aim.

Recent examples of work undertaken

  • How does Pakistan’s perception of the Indian threat shape Pakistan’s foreign policy towards Afghanistan? (Dissertation, Pakistani student)

  • Turkey's foreign policy towards Egypt since the Arab Spring (Dissertation, Malaysian student)

  • A Comparison of music teaching between one high school in Beijing, China and one in Tokyo, Japan (Dissertation, Chinese student)

  • The effects of skin moisturisers on electrical impedance spectroscopy (PhD thesis, Vietnamese student)

  • Sports journalism ethics and quality of information(PhD thesis, Spanish student)

If you wish to engage my services to proofread/copy-edit your essay, dissertation or thesis then it is a good idea to plan in advance and book your document in to make sure I am available. Please allow three to four weeks for me to work on your dissertation and up to six weeks for your thesis. It is also a good idea to make sure you are in a position to provide the document in its entirety in order to allow for consistency with proofreading/copy-editing. Providing sections of your document while you continue to work on the rest makes it very difficult to achieve such consistency and can result in time having to be spent recalling and amending earlier sections.

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