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Regarding your Proofreading and Copy-editing needs

The proofreading is absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed.


Francisco Klauser

University of Neuchâtel

You did an absolutely fantastic job! I am particularly happy about your comments and explanations, which will be very useful for my future papers too.


Francisco Klauser

University of Neuchâtel

...a very thorough and professional document.


Mary Hamley


Thanks a lot for the rapidity and quality of your work, it's great!


Raoul Kaenzig

University of Neuchâtel

It has been a while since I have worked with a properly marked up document. Very clear and easy to follow. I'll think of you when recommending proofreaders.


Jonty Tacon

Tacon Design

Your editing and proofreading of my PhD thesis was very professional. Not only did you correct errors and checked for consistency, the flow of the language was very much improved with your help. I really appreciated the constant communication and your insightful comments and suggestions all the way along, which will also help me in future work. Great job!


Xavier Ramon

Pompeu Fabra University

I have worked with Krysia in several occasions. In all of them, Krysia has demonstrated herself to be an excellent professional. Her attention to detail, her interest on considering the particularities of my subject and her commitment to deadlines make her an excellent proofreader. It has always been a pleasure to work with Krysia and I highly recommend her.

Dr. Edda Sant. Senior Lecturer

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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